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Our Story

I’ve now been to my 2nd Craft Lively workshop. The energy Kyleen and Leslie give off while hosting is just amazing and they truly know how to make you have a fabulous time! The crafts always come out beautifully - everyone’s are so different and unique! Drinks, snacks, laughs and going home with something you made yourself really make these workshops so worth it! I will likely be at every one they host
— Ali, Crafter Extraordinaire

The Idea

Craft Lively was born just as any great relationship starts: On Facebook! We first connected in a group for signmakers, met for coffee and, within that first meeting, had plans for joining forces to take the Capital Region Craft community by storm! 

We are the background singers

In our workshops, YOU are the star! We are simply there to give a few instructions, help you with color & design choices, then sit back and watch you create craft magic!

100% Handmade

All of our projects are totally handmade, most of the time by us in Kyleen's basement (while we blast tunes and get lost in conversation).