Insta-blocks, Insta-memories

“Clutter is cool!”

Said no one ever!


Look, we love looking at photos of our friends and family just as much as the next guy, but who has room for All. The. Frames! Not to mention trying to match them to each other or to the rest of your decor. Oh and if you have small kids then you know those frames are either stashed away somewhere or displayed high enough that little hands can't reach them… Which unfortunately means they may mean they're too high for you to even see the adorable pictures!

And what if you have a cubicle or desk at work and your space is way too small to clutter up with a bunch of frames? Well, that's exactly what prompted us to create this fun little alternative to a bunch of frames pics! Enter the Insta-block!


Not only are you maximizing the number of photos you can display (the footprint is a mere 3.5” x 3.5”), but let's say someone in your photos pisses you off… Just flip it so they're on the bottom! 😂 Plus, these babies are totally kid-friendly, there's literally nothing they can break! Ya know, unless they use it as a projectile...hmmmm


-One wood cube. We used a 4x4, which is actually 3.5” x 3.5” and we cut it to 3.5” to make it a square.

- 6 photos, trimmed to a 3.5” square

- paint

- mod podge



And that's it. Seriously.

This is about as simple a craft as you can get! Start by painting the wood block whatever your background color will be.

IMG_20170912_194805 (1).jpg


Before beginning, you'll need to cut your photos down to a 3.5" x 3.5" square


Once you have cut your photos down to square sizes (or had them printed in a square, Instagram photos are perfect for this!), slap one on one side of the cube and cover with mod podge


Continue until you have 5 of the 6 sides covered. We suggest leaving the bottom empty, or writing a little keepsake note i.e. Lake Placid 2017 on the bottom. 


That's. It. Done.