About us


A modern day love story. Leslie Allegretto and Kyleen Dye were just a couple of crafty gals who happened to be in the same Facebook group for crafters. A Special Ed teacher by day, Leslie spent her afternoon and evenings as a master signmaker with a desire to teach others her craft. Kyleen, Stay-at-Home-Supermom was hosting craft parties in her basement but dreamt of doing more. One fateful evening, a slightly tipsy Kyleen sent Leslie a Facebook message out of the blue and, after realizing they shared the same dream, Kyleen & Leslie decided to meet in person. From the moment of their first meeting, they knew they had something special and they were going to take the Capital Region of New York by storm!


“These events are so fun for a ladies night out. It’s so chill and easy to do that you just craft your worries away. I love having these in my house and telling people I made them! Even my husband likes them!”

-Lisa S. Crafter Extraordinaire


“These women did a fantastic job presenting a sign making workshop and helping us surprise our friend for her birthday! Thank you! I highly recommend taking one of their classes. They make it fun and light and are super helpful every step of the way. The tutorial/instruction is clear and engaging. And a plus...you don’t have to be crafty to walk out with an incredible piece of art! Don’t miss out. Grab your friends. Sign up for a class. Perfect way to treat yourself for an afternoon!”

-Jessica F.


Leslie and Kyleen are the best; they're both very helpful when I have question/styling questions, but only offer suggestions and aren't pushy. I've done at least 4 workshops with them and wish I had more space in our house to make even more signs. Highly recommend!”

-Christine D.